Creating Films With Impact

Whether you're trying to attract more donors, communicate your mission, demonstrate organizational success or launch new initiatives, a series of short, cinematic quality films strategically released over the course of a year can deliver major impact.

 There are two keys to creating films with impact:

             Aspire To Greatness

So many times, we see organizations that produce uninspired videos that have no clear purpose. As your creative partner, we promise to never, never, never let this happen (did we say never?). We’ll work with you to identify the best stories and help you create something special. This means we’ll create a cinematic quality film that is emotionally charged with a strong call to action. We wouldn’t have it any other way.    

             Commit To Distribution

Once you have a polished, finished product in hand, its success is directly related to your distribution efforts. If you simply post your film to your website and Facebook page and hope for significant viewership, you’ll be disappointed. However, if you are committed to maximizing your distribution opportunities, your film can play a major role in attracting more people and support to your cause. 

The good news is we're here to help. We'll provide you with distribution guidelines that will serve as a blueprint for maximizing the reach and impact of your short film.

Assessing Your Film's Impact

There are a number of factors to consider when assessing the true impact of your film. Most often, it’s a combination of the following:


Did the right people see your film? Identifying and cultivating key ambassadors is an important part of positioning your film for success and is easier than you might think. Often times, those who can help your cause the most are hidden in plain sight. It’s important to identify these ambassadors in your distribution strategy (something we can help with).


Did enough people see your film? Again, this will depend on your distribution efforts.  While it’s not necessary to have massive viewership, it is important to maximize your distribution channels so that your film can be seen by enough people to gain traction (we can help with this too).


Did people connect emotionally with your film? An often overlooked but very important aspect to assessing the impact of your film is the anecdotal feedback you receive. You’ll get a sense of whether or not your film connected emotionally with your intended audience by listening to the feedback you receive through a variety of channels including word-of-mouth, emails and social media to name a few. Our films are designed to stir the human spirit, so paying close attention to anecdotal feedback is key.