Film: A Powerful Storytelling Medium

Why create a film? You undoubtedly have a variety of tools already in place including a website, email and direct mail pieces that tell your story. So, why bother? The answer is simple: Film has the power to engage and move an audience like no other medium. In her book, Documentary Storytelling, author Sheila Curran Bernard elaborates on the power of film. She writes, “[Films] bring viewers on a journey, immerse them in new worlds…and compel them to consider and even care about topics and subjects they might previously have overlooked.”

At Films for Humanity, we tell authentic, real life stories that stir the human spirit and connect in a way that only a film can—a way that will help you reach audiences that you otherwise wouldn't reach.

Types Of Stories

Generally, our films/stories fall into two categories: Overview Content and Focused Content.

Overview content provides the "big picture" of your organization (usually refreshed once a year), and focused content provides an up-close account of the "real life, human impact" of your organization (usually a series of short films released over the course of a year to keep content fresh and audiences inspired). While all our films are emotionally charged, we like to say that overview content speaks more to the head, and focused content more to the heart. We believe every organization needs to do both.

Overview Content stories often include:

  • Organizational overview stories (describing your organization's mission)
  • Initiative overview stories (describing or launching a new initiative)

Focused Content stories often include:

  • Awareness stories (focus on the problem)
  • Impact stories (focus on the solution—the real life impact your organization is providing)
  • Initiative updates (follow-up to initiative overview)
  • Staff interviews