There's an ever-expanding number of worthy organizations vying for attention and support—the competitive landscape is formidable. Those organizations that find ways to continually engage their audience with fresh and compelling content will undoubtedly be the most successful.

We believe that creating cinematic quality, short films will elevate your storytelling, set your organization apart and ultimately attract more people and support to your cause.

Based on this belief, in our filmmaking we uphold to the following values:


The stories we tell are about ordinary people in the midst of extraordinary circumstances. We never forget this, knowing that telling stories with dignity is not only desirable, but essential.


While we often present a strong point of view regarding a story, we are committed to never “bending” or “selectively choosing” facts for dramatic effect. Rather, we rely on our storytelling expertise to optimize the impact of these real life stories.


We believe that the only way to produce great results is to work in a collaborative environment with complete transparency. 


Relationships are essential to good storytelling. So when we work together with you and your team in a spirit of fellowship, great things can happen.